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"Real One"

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Anyone knows where I can download "Real Player" besides real.com?

I need to install it on the computer which is not connected to internet but these morons don't let people download an .exe file.

(I don't undestand what is the reason for them to do it but whatever it is... it's stupid!)

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Hey Stremik,


Personally, I think I have grown to distrust Real at all any more. If anything, I personally would prefer Windows Media Player over Real...

But unfortunately, Real is the only player that supports multi-OS platform... bummer...


Speaking of RealPlayer and such, any body know of any good media player for Linux? THe GNOME CD Player was extremely basic that there is no CD-loop or track-loop...

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Thanks Alex for the reply! Still. It was a link to a real.com server where they simply deny you a choice to download this crap of a player as an .exe file!

Anyway. I found the workaround.(can't belive I thought of it just now!)

When download completed and installer extracted files in to temporary folder but didn't start the actual installation yet, I just opened that folder and found "RealOnePlayerV2GOLD.exe" file in there. :D

Still I hate this player with all my heart.

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