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Tri's To Quad

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Hi all,

I thought I'd post up the code I wrote for converting tri meshes to quads.

It a fairly crude algorithm and still a work in progress. Don't know if I'll ever bother to finish it. It was written as a learning exercise and as such it is presented for anyone else who might be learning HDK too. It might have some useful methods in it that you can rip off. I can't claim that it is all done the "right" way but then in HDK who can. Point is it works reasonably well and maybe will help someone trying to learn.


Enjoy! :P

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Here you go. It's a windows compile only.

Don't expect too much from it, it is pretty basic, and I never completely finished it.



thanks a lot :) i love this community :P

I'll try it later on when kids will be sleeping, now its almost impossibile to get concentrated for 5 minutes all at once!! :D


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Sorry for necro-ing a really old thread, but I figured it was better than making a new one. Is there a good way to do this natively yet?

Edit: Uuurgh, in retrospect this is completely the wrong subforum for a general query. Oh well.

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