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PleasePleasePlease help! Pintoanimation NOT WORKING FOR WEEKS


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I am triing to make an "Ash" simulation for weeks, but it just doesnt work. I tried to do everything like in Peter Quints tutorial about the peeling effect but it doesnt work. The f@pintoanimation = 0; does not set the pinning to 0 and it is VERY annoying. Can somebody PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE help??? I would really-really appreciate it...




PintoanimationCloth Tear.hipnc


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Inside the SopSolver it needs to have the blue display flag on the last node to evaluate and you need to put the group into it's group field.


To test your setup you should get rid of collisions, they are still super slow to process, reduce your mesh density and use the Geometry Spreadsheet to check that the pintoAnimation is working or not.

PintoanimationCloth Tear EDIT.hipnc

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Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you it finally works. But I still dont get, how to put it into the group field. I dont see any changes compared to my first project in the group node, but there must be some...

Thank you again! I am so happy now.


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