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Making Procedural Building. How should I make points for the windows right?


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Hello Houdini masters! This is my first post here.

I am a student, trying to learn some houdini.

I was watching a procedural modeling tutorial that was uploaded 4 years ago from sidefx.

I think I made most of it work fine except one big thing. When the building is two story building, then it's fine. But if it's goes more then three stories, it doesn't work.

My brain is burning. I think something's gone wrong in the for loop SOP. I'm having so much hard time to fix this.

Any kind of help would be so appreciated. Thank you masters!!!!


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I looked into my file for hours and I figured out what was causing issues.

I made a much simple hip file to show you what my problem is.

I'm really trying to understand the forloop SOP these days.

The result I want was to divide the each floors properly in the forloop SOP, so I could make windows properly to the each floors.

I found out when I turn on the primitive numbers, the position is something weird. I think the results of the forloop SOP is overlapping right now.

I felt like....... if I can bring the remaining of the result from each loops, and use that to do the clip SOP, then it might work......??? Like math......?!???

But I'm having hard time how to achieve that..... :(




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I think this might be based on some work I did at SideFX about 4 years ago.
what I did is clip the bottom of the building (for the bottom floor) 
I'll ignore the bottom as you seem to have figured that out.

for the floors, I then, for every face, go into a for loop and split those faces in the Y axis (based on a target height) to get our floors.

then each of those faces is ready to be segmented into panels,
loop through those faces, reorder the points by height (Y) and only keep the first 2 (so we get the bottom edge)
we take that line and resample it, and remove the last point.

now on each of those points we can copy a panel (of a window or whatever)
we remove the last one as it would place a panel beyond the corner of the building.

I don't quite have the time to build you an example but hopefully this is helpful.
Greets, Freek

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