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3d Spiral From Expression Cookbook Doesn't Work


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Dear Users:

I tried to create a 3D spiral using sin(), cos() and $PT as prescribed by the Expression Cookbook in the Help Documents.

I came up with something very strange, but not a spiral.

Can anyone help me out?

I've attached the JPEG's so you can see what's wrong. I enhanced one of the JPEG's in Photoshop to have the expression from the POINT SOP floating over the viewport--it's not any new GUI thing.




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by the way, I started with a Circle SOP (NURBS) and piped this into a Point SOP to add the expression that would / should alter the geometry.


In the JPEG that I posted the circle was closed, but I changed it to Open Arc and it still didn't resolve the issue. I think something is slightly wrong with my parameters in the expression, but I don't know exactly what.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hello penciline,

Go to the parameters of your circle sop and increase the divisions to something like 300. You can leave the Arc type as open arc to help visualize the spiral.




Thanks Rick. That worked. Actually I used 360 for divisions to get a complete revolution (e.g. 360 degrees). I think that's why you have to ramp it up so high.


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