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dopfield expression to access value from Modify Data

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Does anyone know how I can access the boolean value I'm setting with the Modify Data node in DOPS. Basically following this  (page 121) but it doesn't actually explain how to use the dopfield expression to access the boolean. I would like to use it to activate a force.

EDIT: After reading as many forums as possible I'm still stuck. But, I think I need to initialize my data with an Empty Data node? Still my dopfield expression doesn't work.

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Got things working, heres how to deactivate a force forever upon impact:





Some notes: DOPs will report an error if you attach your data to Geometry/MyData, it doesn't if you put in Position. Also, it seems that the dopnumrecords("dopnet","rbdobj","Impacts","Impacts") only records the impacts of fractured pieces within a single RBD, not impacts between two RBDs? So for example I had one RBD with strong constraints and another with weak, when they collided the weak broke and impacted with itself turning off the curve force, but the strong constraints didn't so it never recorded an impact resulting in the curve force staying on. I can work with that by having very weak constraints at the edges of my geo, but ideally there's another way...

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