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Motion Vector

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I've been testing out the motion vector technique described here https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/create-motion-vectors-for-time-warping-image-sequences and here https://vimeo.com/228233111.

I am working with sprite sheets which are 8X8 (64 images, resolution 1024x1024). In his presentation Michael mentioned that 1/framerate should give a reasonable number for the motion vector intensity.  

My current settings are:
number of rows = 8 
number of colums = 8
motion vector = 1/framerate
I am having difficulty determining what values to put in these remaining parameters. 

time_multiplier = default? min? max?
Phase to Debug = default? min? max?

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.


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Hey. The image that was uploaded is too blurry to actually read. I've uploaded my base material with the default settings if that's help.


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Thanks for your response Michael.  I had the "Double Apply Motion Vectors set to false" instead of true.  I am getting some feedback now.

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