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Fracture Problem


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Hi guys,

I'm testing small fracture thing. Please look at attachment.

Basictly idea is to use external object to group points on the grid, edit group to prims group and then use particles to drive fracture. For some reason, when metaball touches grid and group starts working it fractures whole grid as sorted geometry from up to down plus my selection. What's going on with that sorting up>down? I don't see anything like that in POP's. I want to have fracture coming out of my selection only. Also when I select my ReadyToUse source group in primitive2 op, it "explodes" only small part at the beginning.

Any help would be welcome :)



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I have figured it has something to do with sort and particle life. I also did same example but using color for group. Seems to work better.

Hmm.. still doesn't understand how it works. The first example doesn't read all prims and:

1. when life is longer it stops using facet as source

2. when const birth rate is bigger it does weird things.

I have created switch so you can check both methods.

Any ideas how to make it working correctly?

Boths samples are done with 8.0.324 NC.

By the way: I don't know why, but seems like everyone moved to SESI's forum instead sharing ideas here :)


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