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Diffrence: Ground_plane_dop Vs Grid_rbd


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I don't understand the diffrence beetween these two types of rigid bodies.

I see that in DOPs I can create `Ground_Plane` -- so it acts as a poly plane rbd right?

Then I can also create simple `grid` SOP and make it rbd too, right?

But what's the diffrence between these? Aren't they the same?

(Sorry if these questions r stupid. I'm from Maya background :blink: )


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Just to clarify, there is nothing magical about the Ground Plane. It just has some diferent options set on its Volume DOP, and does some trickery so that the geometry you see isn't the geometry used to define the infinite plane. And then it has an Active Value DOP on it to make it a passive object (so that collisions and forces don't affect it). You could put down an RBD Object DOP and create almost exactly the same thing (the infinite plane, the infinite mass). But given how common it is to want an infinite immovable ground plane, we packaged one up for you.


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