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Poly's UV to VDB transfer edge problem

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Hi guys!

I have recently done a model of a procedural tank. I noticed that sometimes I get some bad faces on my geo due to the complexity of the model, so for a procedural texturing workflow I have just discovered that I can transfer my uv's to vdb volumes.

In the file I have uploaded I am just using a cube with a bevel, but when I transfer the uv's on the hi poly converted volume I got some errors on seams... How can I fix this?

Also, If you can give me any infos or suggestion about a smart workflow to keep in mind when doing some hard surface modelling keeping the structure procedurally right for uv's and texture? I have always when it comes to subdivide some pieces of geometry! I had a look around but I am a little bit confused...!!

Thank you!



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by the way if anyone can give me some suggestion about a good workflow to follow as I mentioned before, is welcome!

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