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Custom Vex Function Is Crashing..

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Hey all, I'm re-compiling a vex function that worked just fine in 7.0.214. I'm recompiling for 8.0.324 and getting crashes when the function is used. It's compiling w/out error.

I've narrowed down the crash to:

int status = 1;
GU_Detail *detail;
cerr<<"About to load...";
status = detail->load(filename, isBinary);

That's it.. I never gets to the "Loaded!" line and houdini crashes. There's really not much else going on above this spot in the code. I've mailed support on this one too, but thought I'd also try my luck here and see if there are any suggestions.



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Shouldn't detail be an object instead of a pointer? There must be more you're ommitting here.


Ah, yea.. hmm. I have the option to load from a file or use the "op:/" syntax to get at geometry out of a sop:

detail = (GU_Detail *)sop->getCookedGeo( context, 1 );

in that case it's a pointer to the sop data. I think I just got a bit confused when loading off disk. What's stumped me though is I'm pretty sure my code worked in 7.0.214.. now I'm curious

thanks for the reality check, I'll try that tomorrow at work


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