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Peeling Effect Houdini 16


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Hey all, Im trying to get a peeling effect on an arm for a shot I was asked to work on at school. I looked all around and found some different techniques to use but when set up completely nothing works, if anyone has any idea if some attributes changed in H16 or can look through the Hip and tell me what I'm doing wrong that would be fantastic.


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Hi I had a quick look at your scene.. I'm not really sure the setup is intended for actual peeling, it looks more like some sort of per-primitive-detachment setup. Inside the Sop Solver, a wrangle was setting the pintoanimation attribute, but it was misspelled.

I also did a few tweaks to the scene because the original geometry (arm_anim) was not included in the hip file you posted.

Is this close to what you were after?

Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - shot_48_02_B.zip

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1. Disabled "Collide within object" in Collisions tab  of the Cloth Object as it was taking too long to calculate.
2. Disabled the "Enable Fracturing" since the setup seems to be depending on the pintoanimation attribute to detach pieces.
3. Disabled "Tearing", same reason as #2.
4. I adjusted the Point Vop inside the Sop Solver. The Fit node inside is not set up correctly, the srcmax should be the one that is exposed to control the distance threshold from the animated Add Sop used to trigger detachment.
* The Fit VOP, whenever connected to a Ramp Parameter, should ideally always have a destmin and destmax of 0, and 1 accordingly.
* I forgot to re-attached the Turbnoise VOP. I detached it as I was just checking out the setup.. you may re-connect is as before for added variation.
5. Lastly, I adjusted the Add Sop point animation to just fit the temporary geometry the I created (the subdivided box with moving noise).

I think that is all that I updated, plus the spelling correction you already found. :)


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