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San Francisco Houdini User Group

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The SF Houdini User Group will have a kick-off meeting at the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences on October 6th (6-9:30pm). We'll discuss everything procedural and listen to a presentation by the team of awesome Houdini artists creating the shows at the Planetarium! 

Event details can be found at the newly created San Francisco Houdini User Group Facebook Page - so please, join that as well if you live in the area. If you have any questions or want me to add you to the email list for the new SF HUG, let me know. 




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Update on the First SF Houdini User Group Meeting:

The inaugural meeting of the Bay Area Houdini User Group will be taking place at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park on October 6th, 2017 from 6:00-9:00pm.
It will be hosted by the members of the Visualization Studio at the Academy, the team that makes the shows for the Morrison Planetarium.

The team will showcase some of the work they have created using Houdini to illustrate and communicate complex concepts in science storytelling, and offer a sneak peek at their latest production, Expedition: Reef, that is due to premier in March 2018.
So if you love Houdini and want to nerd out about it, you will be in good company!

Background: The Visualization Studio is a team of artists who create science based stories using real data. They will demonstrate how they have used Houdini for:
-Recreating the destruction of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
-Taking viewers through a lush kelp forest ecosystem
-Creating an underground world of fungus, tree roots and soil
-Visualizing real data on the earth, including airline flights, container ship traffic and whale migrations
-Generating an accurate model of the the Solar System using data from NASA
-Populating an entire coral reef with thousands of tropical fish
-Traveling from the human scale down to the microscopic scale to see things in a whole new way

I am quite excited about the event and have seen some of the visuals these artists create - amazing stuff!

To RSVP email sfhug2017@gmail.com or sign up as a member of the SF HUG Facebook Group (Events section). URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300964337051165/

COME JOIN US. (3).png

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