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Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

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Hey, thanks for sharing.

I'm really confused by your hip file, i gotta say. And i have a bit of experience in Pyro, i also dove down into the solvers and smoke object and understood it from the core, but with your file, it felt like a nightmare (sorry).

You're basically disabling everything on the solver and computing everything on your own, using your own forces, your own fields, your own equations.

How did you come to the idea of creating all of these things? Can you walk me by your chain of thoughts, maybe i can understand a bit.


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On 2017/9/24 at 11:43 AM, 953u6015t said:

Few tips and tricks to manipulate gas simulation.

1. Independent resolution grid. E.g. Overriding vel grid size independent to a density grid.

2. Creating additional utilities. E.g. gradient, speed, vorticity and etc which can be used to manipulate forces.

3. Forces via VEX and some example snippets.


P.S. Some of this technique are not Open CL friendly though.




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