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menu pan/scroll with wacom pen?

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In most other DCC apps you can mmb click and drag anywhere in a menu with a wacom pen to scroll up and down the menu, in after effects you can hold space bar to get the hand tool, etc

Is there any way to get that functionality in Houdini?  Its getting maddening having to click and drag on the scroll bar every time I want to scroll through a long parameter list

Yes the scroll wheel on the mouse works but I use a tablet 99% of the time so that doesn't do much good.  Thanks for any help

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Hi, MMB to pan - unfortunately no. Maybe in the future? For now I got used to this layout, you can also ladder the parameters far left/right:

Btw I was many years 100% on intuos, and last month I discovered this mouse:


When building the network, I am happy with the mouse. Those extra buttons are handy.

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I had hopes that adoption of newer versions of Qt would resolve this issue.  Wouldn't surprise me if the problem is mostly Wacom's fault.

Technically, there is a way to enable MMB panning within parameter panels using Wacom's "Pan/Scroll" navigation setting.  But doing so also breaks MMB navigation in 3D and network viewports altogether.


The limitation would be easier to accommodate if Houdini offered more flexibility for viewport input remapping, like Blender, Modo, and almost everything else out there.


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