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RBD fractured object orbit force


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I assume this topic has been covered before but have searched for 1h now.

I have a fracture where i animate the active group to release the pieces. I am trying to create an orbit/radial force to catch the pieces and make them swirl around in a circle.

What would be the best way to create this velocity field and transfer over to the RDB object? I have almost pulled it of but my pieces end up flying all around the place and not staying inside of the vel field.

Thanks in advance!

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6 minutes ago, mestela said:

a pop axis force can do this, with a pop speed limit to keep it all balanced.



Thank you Matt! Works great!

After further searching I also found an example by Farmfield of a great looking spherical force built with sopsolver and vex. (https://www.patreon.com/posts/circular-force-12970992) Is there a way to use these kind of forces with RDBs?

Have never really played much with rigid bodies in Houdini. Have used C4D for my all my fracturing work. Houdini mostly particle stuff.


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3 hours ago, mestela said:

Yep, you can just treat packed RBD as particles, all pop forces work with them. I've done a quick hack together of a packed RBD dops setup with @Farmfield's setup (sorry Farmfield), works great.



Wow! Thanks @mestela and @Farmfield. Already a patreon of Farmfield but will become cgwiki patreon as well. Both of your resources have done so much for my first steps in houdini. 


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