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Adding some spice to Pyro Sims

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Hi guys, 

i have been learning about Pyro from Applied Houdini and an older 2 part video on Pyro by Peter Quint. Other than that it seems that there is not that much out there.

While these are good resources to get an better understanding of the Pyrosolver i really do not like the results it gives you. I think i would like to play around and maybe even animate some of the different fields.. Just to get a cooler behavior - even if its not realistic.. 

Is there more info on that? Unfortunately i have no scene here but its similar to your usual pyro sim.. not much to it. i would like to know how to shake things up a little or actually a lot!  

It feels like all the tutorials do similar stuff and also get pretty similar results.. 

I hope someone knows a good resource that goes a little crazy. 




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