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random color by "iteration" attrib

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So inside for-each-loop in a wrangle i want to set the color, but this does not work, generates zero values:

@temp = detail("../foreach_begin1_metadata1", "iteration", 0);
@Cd = rand(@temp);

Looks like I dont know how to get the iteration detail attrib. tried in different ways but always gets zeros.

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Easiest way is to plug metadata into the wrangle and access it by input number:

int i = detail(1, "iteration");

You can also use full node path like "op:/obj/geo1/foreach_begin1_metadata1" (injecting expression: "op:`opfullpath("../foreach_begin1_metadata1")`"). Or use "opinput:1" string or s@OpInput2 (they numerated from 1 there) string variable.

Unfortunately, other strings will be treated as file paths. "../foreach_begin1_metadata1" will search for file called "foreach_begin1_metadata1" somewhere in $HIP's parent directory.

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