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Small RBD collision issue


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Hi all,

I'm new in RBD and I have this issue.

I fill a box with objects instanced by particles. The box is a collider in convex hull (per Set Of Connected Primitives because I splitted all faces of my box)

My small RBD objects are in Convex Hull as well because Concave seems to act weird.

The problem is the RBD don't stop spining on the collider

If anyone has some tips it'll be very appreciated.

I joined the scene file because it will be more helpful

Thanks a lot ! :)


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Your scene is way too small. I guess the bullet solver is going crazy because of it. If you simply increase the size of everything, it looks fine

As a rule of thumb, if you're using a parameter like 0.00005, it's probably better to not simulate it in scale (same goes if you need to put 1000000000 in some other parameter) 





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