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How to have a non reactive rbd object colliding with bullet inactive?


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Basically I have some packed prims that have a glue constraint network. I use min impulse activation and set everything active=0. How can I add a static object (packed or not) that's travelling using an Initial State/Velocity that will collide with these objects and awake them?

If I use initial state velocity and set this object to active, it works but my ball is also pushed back by the collision which I don't want.

If I set my ball to inactive, then initial state doesn't work.

If I hand animate my ball and use Deforming option, the object doesn't awake my pieces.

So that leaves me to remove min impulse activation, then it works with the last option.


I just want my packed prims inactive with a constraint network only to be awaken by a collision of a static object, packed prims ideally using min impulse activation and my ball using initial state velocity.

Is this possible to do without compromising other parts of my sim?


Thanks :)

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