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Is OpenCL 2.0 Faster than HFS OpenCL?

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I wanted to play around with PyOpenCL in SOPs so I had to change out the symbolic link from HFS OpenCL to OpenCL 2.1 (from the Intel SDK) to get it to work. Upon testing to make sure I didn't completely break Houdini, I noticed that OpenCL performance in Heightfields and FLIP seemed noticeably faster. Is this possible, or is it just my imagination?

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You can always confront your imagination with reality measuring Houdini's performance in both cases. I wouldn't be surprised if lso OCL 1.2 code could run faster on OCL 2.0 driver. Aside of language's changes, new versions usually evolves compilation for better vectorization (I also imagine that dynamic parallelism might be used for work stealing).

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