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Offsetting cached animation inside DOPs

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Hi all, i currently have a simulation set up where some exploding popcorn is being emitted. the initial animation has been cached out, and i've managed to set up a particle network to emit the packed geometry. however, all the popcorn instances explode at the same time. How would i go about offsetting the animations for each particle so that they explode a certain time after being emitted?

Any help appreciated as always

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Hi @orinfitchett, I made a simple test file where it is just particles, and it is kind of a post sim thing so it will not have actual dynamics, if you are using a multi solver setup where you have bullet and pop solver, and you want the actual sim to be handed off at a specific frame from animation to actual rbd sim, you might have to do this inside a sop solver in dop. However if the explosion will not react to other geos, this should work just fine:) Hope it helps! 


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