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Copy Chop Stretch Stamping Problem


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I have a specific problem with copy stamping any parameter from stretch CHOP.

I tried on my own scene but later, just to be sure there are no errors I opened copy stamping scene attached as an example of a copy CHOP.

Stamping works with many parameters, but as soon as I want to stamp stretch, things are getting strange.

If the stretch is plugged between copied data and copy CHOP it's parameters work ok, but as soon as I stamp anyone of them (start,end or length scale) the copy chop icon blinks red when I change the value, also the $CN just doesn't work producing the permanent red error flag.

I compared it with other stamped params and no stupid error was made.

What could be wrong?

I thought maybe the stretch chop just doesn't work with stamping but it sure does.

Thanks for any advice


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