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How to speed up Python in Houdini

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On the SideFX forums I have added some information/videos & software on how to accelerate Python with Houdini in Windows & Linux:

A custom node/plugin which speeds up execution of Python nodes in SOP-Context by a factor of up to 2 in certain conditions (e.g. Deformer, Attribute manipulation):
Custom Python node for SOP context

Using Numba (Python JIT-Compiler) in Houdini (Windows & Linux):
How to use Numba with Houdini

An optimzed/accelerated Numpy Python module (with OpenBLAS) for Houdini on Windows:
Optimized Numpy python module for Houdini


Hope it helps some people when using Python with Houdini.
Any feedback welcome.

Cheers :)


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