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Python vs C

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Hi there,

I am learning to program to improve my ability with Houdini. I was studying C, but some people told me that learning Python could be better if I was planning to use Houdini.

I have seen people using Python in Houdini, but VEX is similar to C?

What would you recommend :) ?





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Yes, VEX is a 'C like language' implemented in C, Python is also implemented in C.  C is great to learn because most languages used in practice can be described and understood in terms of C where it sounds silly to describe C concepts in Python terms.  Every function you call in Python or VEX ends up being a call(or many calls) to a C function.  The differences between VEX and Python and C is pure semantics and implementation details(written in C). 

If one wishes to truly learn to program, the fastest route to true enlightenment is undoubtedly C/C++.  The majority of concepts that you need to understand to use C, will allow you to become an efficient and skilled VEX/Python programmer.  Languages like Python and VEX obscure concepts like memory management where C forces you to understand.

All that said it's very unlikely you'll ever need to use C/C++ in Houdini.  Now that we have compiled SOPs(which are extremely efficient due to how memory is managed), there are very very few valid use cases for using the HDK. 

The take away here should be, learn C, use Python and VEX.

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Learn Processing, that will mean knowing VEX. Same syntax and very easy to figure out:


After that, tackle Python. Not v3 as you'll find out all the majors i.e. Maya, Nuke, Hou, C4D implement Python v2. 

Again, Python is very easy to learn. I don't speak C but know it is much more involved, even coming from the Python side to VEX, 

you'll find the differences in syntax occur because of the language being C-based, still very easy to figure out, though.

I personally couldn't find any good resources on VEX till I watched a Hou seminar w/ Entagma suggesting Processing as a ladder-lingo towards VEX and that was it.


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