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Render Wrangler needed - TRIXTER Munich


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TRIXTER is currently looking for a Render Wrangler.


The After Hours Render Wrangler & IT Support position is a part-time but mission critical role to offer both after hours IT support and assist in the effective use of the computing resources (renderfarm) utilized in rendering computer generated images for our active projects.

To start as soon as possible. Long-term contract.


Primary Responsibilities:

-        Monitor, manage and keep the renderfarm running at maximum capacity

-        Monitor jobs on the “Pixar Tractor” render manager: identify stalling jobs, follow up and report failed jobs to artists/Production.

-        Check and re-start failed render tasks.

-        Update and maintain Render Manager job priorities according to instructions from Production.

-        Monitor disk space usage and flag high disk or network usage over-night.

-        Restart unreliable blades and report them to the IT as necessary for later diagnosis.

-        Provide first level technical support to artists and production team members working after

-        Provide additional information to, and where required, liaise with the IT team to assist in trouble-shooting larger technical issues.


Required Skills & Experience:

-        A focus in Computer Science/Engineering as an undergraduate is a major plus.

-        Experience with Linux/UNIX, in particular the shell environment and navigating through the file system is a requirement.

-        Experience and/or interests in any of thefollowing IT technologies is a benefit: ZFS, Layer 2 Networking, esxi, vsphere, pfsense, RHEL, iSCSI, git, rpm, Bacula, NFS, SMB, python, Asterisk, Ansible, Graphite, Nagios, Observium, Cacti, Solaris, bash, csh.

-        Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

-        Good organizational skills and attention to detail

-        Ability to handle a fast paced, occasionally high pressure environment

-        Ability to work well both independently and as part of a team

-        Willingness to work very flexible hours, including weekends and/or evenings.


Please send your CV and your earliest commencement date by email to Laila.sleiman@trixter.de and/or jobs@trixter.de

We are very much looking forward to meeting you!


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