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Optical Mocap Solutions


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Hi Guys, 

I would like to know what would you recommand for optical mocap solutions.

I need a solution that connect to IKinema LiveAction and UE4 so this restrict the choice between Vicon and Optitrack.

If anyone has some xp with those system i would be happy to get some feedback.

I just need a 5*5m capture area and the ability to capture fast movment

I was hesitating between:

- Vicon Vero 2.2 

- OptiTrack Prime 17

Both looks to have good res / good price / fast FPS

Thanks for your lights !



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Hey Emmanuel,

no experience with Vicon (though quality-wise nobody ever said anything bad about it), but I set up and operated an Optitrack-rig that covered about the same area as you need.

After a lot of consideration we decided to go with Optitrack Prime 13 and 13W cameras; 16 cameras in total. The most important reason to choose this over Vicon was the price. The Prime 13 cams don't have great resolution, but the price is unbeatable and unless you want to capture fingers or face markers (if so, do yourself a favor and get higher resolution cameras!), you should be fine, even with the 13 series. Quality of the hardware and software has been very high and the compatibility between the different Prime cameras has always kept the door open to enhance the stage with a few Prime 17s if need be (we have never bought one, so I can't say if the claim holds true). Generally the cameras do a great job at capturing at 120 fps, I can't really recall doing higher framerates, but I believe the 13s go up to 240 fps, which is very fast if you want to capture human motion. We mostly did regular motion, nothing too fast, but in the few jumping/ falling recordings the data showed amazing detail.

We did some realtime tests outside of Optitrack's Motive software, feeding the data live into Motionbuilder, where it was directly retargeted. It was a bit fiddly to setup, but worked fine afterwards. The latency wasn't too great though; maybe a lag of about 1/6 s. We never tried any optimization on this.

If you would like to go into more detail on what you're planning to do (and what space you have available), I might be able to give more feedback.



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Hi Felix !

Sorry for the delay answer, and thanks for your feedback.

In other word :

- For body mocap optiTrack just work great.

- For fine detail like detail Face Mocap / Detail Finger mocap vicon is better choice


The vicon vero 2.2 looks to have a max distance at 5m max, while the optitrack prime 17w looks to go to 7m.

I have contact vicon on their site and by mail and never get an answer after 3 weeks.

I have an answer and phone call from optitrack engineer 30 minutes after my mail.


I think OptiTrack prime 17W will be good enough for our needs. 







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