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Pyro Viewport Lighting Problem

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Not sure what is going on here, but if you create a dopnet inside a geometry node, scene lights wont affect pyro in the viewport. If you back out of the dopnet, then you can see the light affecting pyro. However, if your dopnet is at object level lights will affect pyro. Why can't my dopnet be inside a geometry node and have the scene lights affect pyro so I can see whats going on? Photo 1 is inside the dop net. Phpto 2 is inside the geometry node but outside the dopnet.






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Put ROP_OUTPUT_DRIVER node in your network1 and connect OUTPUT node into it. (On some Houdini version it doesn't work, but on some it works sporadically like in 16.0.731 it looks like a bug ). If it doesn't work on your version, leave that node connected and go outside your network1 and go back inside again. That should do the trick 

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@marty Ah! so it is a bug then. I thought I might be doing something wrong.

@djiki Your fix worked for me!!!

Well, this is what Sidefx said:

Hello Evan,

It is because there are no lights in DOPs. DOPnets are in their own world, devoid of lights, cameras, etc. You need to look at them as objects or SOPs in order to see the scene lighting.

We have an RFE in place for this (#63105)

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