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Found 344 results

  1. Hey all, I'm trying to get a better grasp of best practices for managing substeps between two separate DOPnets. I have a DOPnet that takes in moving geo and outputs particles, which I rasterize to a volume, then source into another DOPnet as fuel, temp, etc. for a pyro simulation. What I'm wondering about specifically is how to keep these two DOPnets in sync. i.e. I want to make sure only newly generated fuel is sourced into the pyro sim, not fuel that's already "burned". My concern is that if the POPnet creates particles with life longer than a substep on my pyro sim, they will be copied into the pyro multiple times. It seems like it would be best if the particles and Pyro were created in the same DOPnet? I don't know enough about how any of this works though.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a little help on a pyro sim I'm doing. I've got a fuel and temperature source that move along a path, emitting flame. The goal is to make a look like the flame is propelling an object forward, like a jet engine. I'm able to achieve most of this easily enough, but my sim has a lot of wasted space because the sim container doesn't rotate with the movement of the source. This really slows everything down and it's driving me crazy. I've tried a few things that used to work in H16 (the "point position" node specifically), but H17 sources volumes differently and won't play nice (the sim will rotate the already rotated source volumes again). Most of this I learned here https://gumroad.com/l/TqUNR, which no longer works properly with H17's volume sourcing. Anyway, if anyone could help out with this it'd be great. inverse_transforms_6.hip
  3. (Solved) Hello, I have a lowres pyro container and for closup shot i want to upres only small part of it and save overall movements. How can I achieve it? Preview scene build from shelf. Thank you. upres_part.hip Solution: Ah, nevermind. Just add volumeresize and crop lowres volume to my area and same for object smoke.
  4. Hi, How can I use the rest fields from pyro in Octane? I would like to add noise/detail in the shader of the smoke. I can't seem to see any noise available in the medium volume shader in Octane. I see that you can use the Pyro shader/ Pyro noise inside a Volume VOP but I have no idea how to wire this up. Any advice would be much appreciated. R
  5. Arunkumar - FX TD - Reel 2019

    Hi guys, I'm an FX TD looking for challenging VFX opportunities. Please take a look at my reel, and get in touch. Would love to discuss about prospective collaborations and/or full-time work. Comments, suggestions and critiques are most welcome and would help me improve the reel. Thanks.. Arunkumar arunkumar.subramanian@gmail.com
  6. Rotate pyro container

    Hello everyone, So the basic idea I'm trying to achieve is some geometry emitting a flame following a path. Not really difficult and I've got the basic version down. The trouble starts when I try to implement a rotated container for efficiency. My object doesn't travel at 90 degree angles on a perfectly aligned grid, that'd be boring! So why should I waste time simulating all that empty space? So what I've got is a geo node with a CHOP Network inside, constraining it to follow a path from a separate geo node. I create some velocities for my path-following, constrained object, then rasterize to volumes, as per the H17 workflow. Then in my curve object, I create orient data according to it's points, which I feed into a "Point Position" for my smoke object inside my DOPnet (I then drive it's "point number" parameter with a setup that determines the point along the path that is nearest my constrained object's center). Hooray, the container rotates along the path! Don't party yet... The point position node sets the "Position" data to pivot 0, and the translate data to match whatever "point number" it's looking at, causing the rotations to be applied around world center. But only for the incoming volumes, not the container. The container is positioned exactly where you would expect (perhaps because of the "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic"). This seems kind of stupid, and I'm not sure when this would be useful. Maybe if the transforms were on the source volumes but NOT their containing object? I don't know. To solve this we next add an RBDState node because apparently it's one of the only other nodes that can write to the position data (THAT took a while to figure out). In the RBDState node we set the pivot to reference the translate of the original emitter (which is constrained to move along the path), and the translation (confusingly parameterized as "position") to zero, and set both of these parameters to "Set Always". Good god we're so close... But no. The container is correct, following our emitter's orientation along the path. The volumes are there too, centered where they should be, but wait... They're double rotated now. They get the rotation that's applied to the source volumes by the CHOP net in the object where they're created, AND the same rotation applied again from the "point position" node. I'm having a devil of a time with this. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. There's another thread here: where someone managed to fix this by editing the old "Source Volume" node, but it doesn't seem to work the same way with the "Volume Source" node, or at least that I could discover. inverse_transforms_demo_4.hip
  7. Velocity Field for Pyro

    Hi Houdini Friends, I'm having an issue with my pyro simulation where I've tried to setup a velocity field that changes the direction of the flame at a right angle, after several attempts I can't seem to get the velocity field to affect the sim even though the movement for the sim is sourced partially from my velocity field. I've attached the scene file, if anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong it would be much appreciated scene.hipnc
  8. (Problem solved, check second post for solution) Hi there! I want to push packed geometry with Pyro and also packeds should collide with smoke (feedback scale in pyrosolver). All built from shelf. It moves, but i get strange collision volume. Any ideas how to fix it? It seems some solver create collision volume for packeds only 10*10*10 resolution and I can't find a way to increase it... issue.hip
  9. Gas Linear Combination

    I created a gaslinearcombination node and set the Destination field as vel, and in the combine operation I set to multiply source1: friction and source2: vel. friction is a custom scalar field created by me, with a 3D noise. The gaslinearcombination doesn't work as expected. On the other hand, a simple gasfieldwrangle with the following vex code: " v@vel *= f@friction; " does the trick. Why isn't the gaslinearcombination working?
  10. How to merge multiple Flame ?

    Hi every one (sorry for my english) I have a little probleme with houdini, I have to simulate 59 candle. I did just one simulation with a pyro solver, and after i did a copy node. So now I have 59 grid with 59 density, 59 temperature etc etc. But the renderer need only one Grid. So my question : How to combine all grid in one ? and keeping the temperature, density, vel etc etc Thanks
  11. Hi, We are currently in production on an exciting feature film project. We looking for a senior Houdini FX artist to join the team, our preference would be for the applicant to be able to work in Sydney, however, we are open to remote work for the right person. You would be responsible for pyro, dust, debris and floating petal/flower effects. For more information or to apply please send any applications through to `glenn at suberashi.com` Cheers, Glenn
  12. Pyro spawn cycle

    Hey magicians, I've been struggling with this for almost 3 weeks. I'm trying to achieve a pyro advected spawn effect, I got some decent results but can't get there. I already learned about chops to drive music, what I can't figure out is what I have to animate to get spawn > dissapear > spawn, my thought is Fuel, but I've tried everything, from velocity, temperature, fuel, wind forces. Any tips will be more than welcome, this is driving me nuts. Here are some of my tests: Thanks
  13. Hey guys, can anyone here help me with how to mask my turbulence to my pressure field that pyro creates by default? I tried looking around and a lot of posts have been made talking about that it's a really good way to get rid of mushroom looks and add details at the start of the sim. But I cant find an example file for it. Any help on the subject would be awesome. Thanks
  14. Pyro clustering problems

    Hi people, i have an urgent problem to solve and i have searched everywhere couldnt find anything about the problem i have, so: i have an "rocket launcher" setup, simple circle as an emitter going up i did a cluster setup, and simulations starts without problem, but in some moment when the circle emitter is, lets say 3 cluster container, for some reason pyro wont source the fuel from the object, and that 3rd cluster container just dissapear??? But when the circle emitter gets to the 4th cluster it starts to emit normally??? Im not sure if im doing something wrong or what, but help would be appreciated p.s. rocket starts to go up >220frame rocket.rar
  15. How do I apply noises etc using the gas field vop in an explosion? Seem to be getting weird results when just applying an anti alias flow noise.
  16. Hi, i am trying to achieve the reference footage and what is in the image. https://cgsociety.org/news/article/2788/fx-tips-and-tricks-with-andi-kadiu while debris is moving ahead velocity needs to be negate in pyro... as u can see in my playblast its looks simple trail(snaky behaviour in flipbook)....and if you see refrences there is specific pattern in the smoke some kind of circular trail(red color marked in ref image) leaving behind...i am struggling with this for few days....if anybody can help or put some information here that would be great....i have attached test hip file and refrences. kindly have a look..thank you in advance flipbook.mp4 pyro_trail_v001.hip pyro_trail.mp4
  17. Distributed pyrofx simulation

    Hi magicians I am new there and need help about distributed simulation pyrofx (huge size tornado) i want to simulate by deadline on farm, how it is possible ?? or is there any other way for this?
  18. Hello This is the most heavy project I've ever done by far. https://streamable.com/6hax5 If you have any comment or critique please go ahead !
  19. Hey, I was curious if anyone had information on the differences of the changes between SourceVolume and VolumeSource. When diving into the assets they seem almost foundationally different? (which makes sense) But I'm trying to understand what the old way was versus the new way. I was curious where all these interim fields are (SourceVolume) or if they're just gone and why they existed in SourceVolume if we're now just copying the volumes straight to fields now in the VolumeSource with a foreach. And just a bunch of why's and as to why it was done such a way and why it has changed now. I don't quite understand it all. but it seemed to be a middle step of the solve for all the volumes to fields. where you could access these temporary fields - tempvel, source, sourcelength and manipulate them. And I'm really curious the difference between now and then, and the why between now and then. Or even where they are if they do still exist. Wish I could be more specific but I'm still a beginner. Cheers for any help or light on the matter. H16.5 Source Volume H17 VolumeSource
  20. Frozen Volume using Upres node

    Came across this effect by accident...just tweaking the Upres node. Am wondering how you masters would go about doing this? Cheers!
  21. Pyro Disturbance for high vel

    Hello, How to increase the disturbance on high velocity source, Im using particles and volume as sources, both with very high velocity, but disturbance only affect after some frames, not on initial simulation frames, I`m using 3 "gas disturbance" microsolvers, 2 controling density fields and 1 controling the velocity.
  22. Houdini Pyro OpenCL Error

    Getting an error when trying to run a pyro sim with openCL: "gasturbulence1: Error: compute_turbulence_cl: Error: smokeobject1 - /obj/geo1/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/gasturbulence1/compute_turbulence_cl: Fields must be matching for OpenCL " Any ideas?
  23. collision of 2 smoke objets

    Hi everyone ! Do you know how to make collide 2 pyro objects, for example one pyro going in +y direction and the other going in the -y direction and pouuff ! In the pyro solver node you can define buoyancy direction but how to define 2 different directions ? multi solver ? Thanks !
  24. I am trying to recreate this effect, and I can't find any info on how this techniques were implemented… Any help ? Thanks, Diogo