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Pyro smoke - snow/dust sim question


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Let's say I want to emit dust/snow from car wheels and make it look organic (i.e. sputter emission, different shapes, etc.). As far as I know, there are two ways to do that:

A- add noise vel (e.g. curl) to the density source, or 

B- add a pre-roll noise vel such that once density is emitted it gets advected by the nosie

My biggest problems with the above two methods is their complete randomness, meaning: in one sim the emission pattern looks nice, but the rest of sim looks bad, or vise versa. In my tests, B produces better results, however density keeps advected by the noise no matter how far it's from the source which looks "strange" (my goal is: organic emission, then density diffuses gracefully eventually, i.e. the more time passes the less turbulent it becomes). 

Using noises as above is very time consuming and makes feel like I am rolling a dice, each time I change noise parameter and "hope" it will give good result. I am wondering what other artists do to control the sim and produce results quickly for an effect such as effect. A visual reference of what I want to achieve is this:


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