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Smoothing Lighting in Material

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I'm trying to create a two tone material. Its working, however I find that on anything beyond the most basic geometry it just gives me some really jagged and gross results (tho to be clear they are accurate). I managed to get around this a bit by subdividing the model, but this creates a few smaller artefacts (shown in the pictures bellow). The way I've got my material working is by taking the luminance of a lambert node, apply the shadow color where there is no luminance, and apply the highlight color everwhere else. What I would like to do would be to blur the result of the lambert so that I don't get as many noticeable jagged areas. Can someone point me in the right direction for achieving this?




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Currently overloaded with other things, but will try this (in more length than what i just failed at)...
in modo i would create a morph, smoothing the areas I want, sometimes into a real spherical smooth shape, then generate the normals off this morph. I just tried it there and it does exactly what you are after. I tried to replicate this in houdini and... fail. So much power!

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How about some light with soft shadows, that is, anything else than point or distant light.

Another that comes in mind is blend based on luminance, instead of switch. Let's say 'fit' node with luminance as input, source max to something like 0.1, fit node as input of bias of color mix .

Third option could be some subsurface shader (could be slower...) - some SSS shaders are based exactly on blurred diffuse shading, while I'm not sure does it apply to ones in Houdini.

From my understanding, dealing with normals won't affect the terminator edge (that's old school name for edge between illuminated and no illuminated area). In case of lights with sharp shading and shadows, that's always sharp edge, while shading based on normal is able to smoothly fade the shading, down to zero on terminator edge - but not to change it.


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