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Hair and fur Houdini 16 animated geo


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Hello Guys,


I don't know if it has been discussed before but I am running into issues while trying to get hair and fur working for a deforming animated geometry. I am giving the new hair tools in Houdini 16 a try but it's very unstable. Everything works fine with a static geometry. But the guide hairs are jumping around and twitching all around the places on an animated mesh. Everything is normal : my mesh has Uvs, normals. No topology changes either. I can't find any additional information regarding that issue and I have watched the masterclass from SideFX. I have tried looking at the scatter point option in the groom attributes and when I set the relax iteration to 0, most of the curves don't jump anymore but i cannot control the distribution anymore..... And some curves appears out of nowhere. I am running out of ideas.



I hope someone would be able to help me quickly on this as I need to integrate it for a project :(


Thanks again



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