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Importing Camera Data From Pftrack


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Hi all.

Camera tracking have been discused briefly in this thread:


But i think that is better to open a specific thread, more focused in PFTrack.

I am testing PFtrack to track cameras and import them into Houdini.

PFTrack creates a .clip file, so you create a camera in Houdini and from CHOPs export all the channels data to your camera referencing to the .clip file generated by PFTrack.

This clip file has 18 channels: tx ty tz rx ry rz px py pz sx sy sz aperture focal resx resy aspect roll.

Well when i export all the channels to the camera i get a strange result.

Not only these 18 channels are exported to the camera, the camera crop data, view data, mask, roto scale and opengl clear viewport parameters appears like exported, when the clip file doesn't have these channels.

So i get a wrong view.

And some channels are wrong exported, in the CHOPs viewer i can see that the resx and resy channels have the constant values 720 x 576, but instead in the camera resolution parameters i see 1 x 1.

Ending what is the roto tab for, i suppose that is something like the image plane for maya's cameras, but if i put a image file in the file parameter i can't see anything in the viewport, i have to setup the display options for the corresponding viewport in order to see a sequence from the camera.

And, but this is a known bug, you can't change the background image or houdini will crash.

Well sorry for the large message, but if anybody can explain me how he/she works with PFTrack/Houdini it would be great.

How other tracking packages works with Houdini?


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I have to add that i have tried to export all the channels explicitly, writing every channel name in the Path parameter of the Export CHOP and then the channels are correctly exported.

So the problems comes when i use the '*' wildcard to export all in the export CHOP.

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Well i'm replying myself all the time :)

Another problem with the pftrack exported data solved.

With the .clip file with the camera data is exported a .geo file with all the reference points, in the export dialog of pftrack this file doesn't appear, only the clip option, but fortunately a file with the reference points is given.

So i have to say that PFTrack have complete support for Houdini, at least as good as for Maya foo the camera tracking.

I have to test depthmaps and image based modeling, but the integration between the too apps is very good, but wwrong documented.

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