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Are you having this problem with 16.5 and grains shelf tool ?

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I have tried and various combination of Houdini 16.5 releases and OS, and I can't manage to create more than one grain object (dry sand) with the shelf tool.

I can certainly do it without the shelf tools, but H keeps on throwing this error after the first grain object:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "dynamics_popgrainswet", line 4, in <module>
  File "/opt/hfs16.5/houdini/python2.7libs/doppoptoolutils.py", line 650, in createSandSource
    landinnode = createSandSourceFromObject(origobj, style)
  File "/opt/hfs16.5/houdini/python2.7libs/doppoptoolutils.py", line 437, in createSandSourceFromObject
    0, 0)
  File "/opt/hfs16.5/houdini/python2.7libs/toolutils.py", line 357, in connectInputsAndOutputs
    connectMultiInputsAndOutputs(newnode, branch, inputs, outputs)
  File "/opt/hfs16.5/houdini/python2.7libs/toolutils.py", line 338, in connectMultiInputsAndOutputs

IndexError: tuple index out of range    

The tool itself is :

import doptoolutils
import doppoptoolutils
node = doppoptoolutils.createSandSource(kwargs, style='pointwet')

Right now I don't feel like debugging Python.. I assume Sidefx has not released Houdini 16.5 with a broken shelf tool ? .. So I'm wondering how it could be caused by my setup

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