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Boolean Fracture


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I tried to apply Steven Knippings workflow for boolean shattering ( https://vimeo.com/228248086 ) to my own model. However it doesn't seem to work, although the boolean setup works as expected with a simple box. Up to now I couldn't figure out what's worng with my geometry... I attached a zip with the hip and the geometry, any help would be appreciated! 





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If you go the help page of the boolean sop you read this 


Solids should have all normals pointing outward (consistent polygon winding directions). You can turn on display of normals in the viewport to check for inverted or double-layered polygons.

And they really mean it!

The problem is with complex models the prim normals depend on the wielding of the polygons, which is pretty hard to control, specially with imported geometry 

One trick to get around this is to convert to a volume and go back to poly. It works in your case


Finally, this is just the one in thing that in my experience causes problems, it can actually be something completely different. There are more gotchas in the help page 

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