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2d And 3d L-system Pattern Generator


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Hey all,

I created an L-System Pattern Generator otl that can create both 2d and 3d patterns and thought I'd share.. The l-system is based on extremely simple rules but it still can create some interesting designs..

Don't really know how this is all that useful yet, but still kinda fun to play with and waste some time on.. :D If anyone finds a useful application, I'd love to hear about it so let me know... Maybe someone can make a wicker basket or something.. :lol:

A few notes/suggestions:

-Wireframe View looks best if you're just doing a skeleton.. (Cleaner lines)

-Expect high Generation values. We're talking in the 1000's here. Default is 1000 but any machine made in the last few years should be able to handle 10,000 without too much of a cook time. Just use wisely as too many generations might make it too dense/dark that you won't see what's going on on some patterns.

-Leaf Inputs are available, but i didn't implement stamping on the inputs. I could prob do it if people wanted to have it, but doubt i'll do it on my own accord..

-I made about 10 presets to look at and play with in case you want to quickly see different types of patterns it can generate.

But anyways, hope some enjoys it.. B)

The otl:


And some example patterns:





p.s. i didn't really know what forum to put this under, so feel free to move it Marc/Jason..

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