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Offset Animation Based On Copy Number?


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The subject covers everything.

I'm getting crazy about this.

I'd like each copy of animated object to play when it appears, not to inherit global time from it's mom.

Like animating a field of growing sunflowers.

Is there a simple common method that I miss? This seems like a very obvious problem.



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Ok, I got it right after posting the message.

I messed something up, and my solution didn't work.

I'll check up some things and post the result,

but basically It's done through shift chop with value set to some helper spare channel which is then stamped based on $PT.

Quite easy setup.

If you have other solution please post.

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Also look at the Copy CHOP. It allows you to stamp your animation anywhere in time like a machine gun where the bullets are animation.

You need a trigger channel that should look like punk spikey hair and your motion in another CHOP. Each spike in the trigger will force the animation to be copied to that point and will start playing.

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