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LearnSquared Houdini Particles

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We just released a 4-part particle series I did for LearnSquared:


We cover everything from building our own particle solver from scratch, using the built-in Houdini particle POPS, showing how to choreograph and art-direct particle motion, and working through various rendering and instancing strategies.

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Hello Adam! I'm Sebastián Urcelay and I'm currently studying your Houdini Particles course. I wanted to know if I can approach you with some questions, because I'm trying to post a question in the Leasn Squared page, but amazingly I can't figure out how.

Thanks for the answer!

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Hi Sebastian,

There is a discord channel set up for the class, where you can post questions. You should have received an invite when you signed up. Please check with the L2 team to get you an invite to the channel. In terms of answering questions, I am happy to, when I have the time. Right now, priority help/answers are devoted to students who signed up for the premium track.



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