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Render farm

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Hey guys, I am looking for a render farm service that would render Houdini files with mantra render nodes. google is just throwing popular ones at me and none of them support Houdini. Let me know if you have used one or know about one.




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got it


https://www.prorender.de/renderservice-renderserver-rendermodul-renderfarm-online-miete.html [www.prorender.de] Germany, i7 6800k €2.1 
https://animarender.com [animarender.com] Russia, $2.83, any number of server
http://fox.robust.my/ [fox.robust.my] Malaysia, $3.83
https://www.zyncrender.com/ [www.zyncrender.com] USA and Asia Google cloud, $5 for preemptible 8 core virtual machine, only Houdini FX e Indie (?)
http://www.myrenderbox.com/ [www.myrenderbox.com] Canada, $7 with Diamond render no waiting
http://www.gridmarkets.com [www.gridmarkets.com] USA, appear to be the most expensive $7.5 (?)


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