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Mixing rigged bones and FEM for character animation


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Hi, I`m currently working on animating a sheep being thrown out of a boat and i`ve been trying to use FEM for this effect. Being a 3d modeller and a junior houdini artist, character animation and rigging isnt my strong suit. The goal is to throw the sheep using FEM which has worked out great but I have little control of the sheep`s legs, and painting stiffness hasn't given me quite the result i`ve been looking for(Legs bends uncontrollably). Its quite hard to art direct. Is it possible to combine rigged legs with fem and how would one go about creating something like that? The sheep has to do a spin, and land on its neck which I have accomplished using FEM but now I just need to constrain the legs a little bit and add life to them at the same time. 

It`s a bit of an odd one but hopefully someone has some good tips and tricks. Cant share the hip file sadly. 

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