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Struggling with a tutorial because of changes from Shop to Material


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So I'm trying to do this http://mos.3dworldmag.com/TDW229-pluralsight.zip <- Tutorial. Basically it's a "simple" teleportation/transmog of an object using particles. I've made it about halfway through but since they changed the materials from SHOPs I've hit a wall.


The material nodes make my brain completely fry and compared to the SHOP stuff I can't seem to match it up ( I'm assuming you can ). I'll include my Hip file below for you to see where I'm at. 


Thanks in advance for any and all advice !


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I just realized that the link I provided is incomplete. I'm getting my tutorial straight from the pluralsight website and it seems they don't include the entire tutorial in the file I gave you.


Basically he takes the "Animation" VOP and copies the attributes from there into the SHOP network and hooks it up to the shader, giving it a more crisp and defined look. I'll include the HIP file supplied from the website here so you can see what I mean.


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If you want to rebuild the shaders in mat, instead of dropping down a Shopnet, drop down a Material Network. Then inside, put a Material Builder. You should then be able to replicate the shader from there.

Any attributes you want to use can be brought in with a Bind VOP, and any parameters you want to link can be linked with Copy Parameter and Paste Relative References


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