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high detailed nebula


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I have been trying to create nebulas that have this much detail as seen here :

He is fantastic at creating nebulas in Houdini. My methods on recreating this were basically to create an interesting pyro simulation, advecting millions of points and then adding additional noise to it post-sim. I also play around with the pyro shader to get interesting looks when I combine the pyro and particles at render time...  I am getting some really interesting looks, however I am still not getting the smaller, finer detail that he has no matter how high res my pyro sim, or how many points I advect through it. I add layers of noise to my particles after, and it still doesn't look right...I feel like im going around in circles.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to achieve such an amazing look .  I feel like he could be using a custom pyro solver... not sure if I should just keep going with my methods until I get a better look. Any thoughts ?

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