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[SOLVED] VEX in Volume Wrangle


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Hi all, 

I'm trying to write some vex in a volume wrangle but I'm really struggling atm, not sure if the problem is the syntax or my inexperience with voxels. 

I have a volume which I set up with random densities and then, in the next step, the density of a voxel should be affected by the surrounding voxels. I've done the first step but can't figure out how to access the "closest neighbour voxels". I guess they have some sort of index but can't figure out which voxel has which index or if I should access them by their position. 

Tried to use the function volumeindex() to find index and volumesample() to take a sample from a position but both only returns 0 so I'm obviously doing something wrong. I wrote it like this: 

vector pos = {2, 2, 2};
float temp = volumeindex(0, "@A", pos);
printf("%f\n", temp);
@A += temp;

It doesn't seem to matter what position I use for the vector pos, the functions always return 0 either way. So if someone knows anything about this it would be great :)


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Thanks! But when I use volumeindex() I only get 0.00000 in return so I guess it's something wrong with how I set the "voxel vector". This might be a very basic question but what is the voxel vector? 

I tried this: 

float temp = volumeindex(0, "@A", set(i@ix, i@iy, i@iz));
printf("%f\n", temp);
@A += temp;

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