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Connect Adjacent Peices to Polygons

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Hey guys, so I have some points, which I'm then wanting to connect to each other and create a polygon flat mesh from.

Using the add sop to begin with but the polygon creation order wasn't correct (I'm sure ive fixed this before using an attribute or defining the polygon order to be drawn OR possible do it better in a wrangle? So if anyone has any tips of that side please say :)) 

Then I tried connect adjacent pieces which gives me the line'age I want but I just want their to be polygon triangles where the lines are/overlap instead, 

Can provide an example hip if needed but think someone may know what I need :) 

Thanks guys


[EDIT trying now to manually group every 3 points, add sop per group - seems to be possibly working - and then I can ensure all edges etc are connected with a fuse or even remesh if needed - would still love a answer to the above for future if anyone has any vex tips on how to do it etc. ] 





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