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Problems with Ocean Tank Extension


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I'm using the Ocean Flat Tank Shelf tool to do a flip sim, and then render an extended ocean with the ocean displacement tools.  Basically, trying to follow along with the example shown in the Houdini 16 Ocean tools masterclass.  The issue I'm having is, when I use the Flattening tools on the particlefluidsurface sop, I get a lot of extra geometry below the surface.  The default Extrude Polygons mode is planar and I get a lot of planes below the surface.  If I change to Along Each Axis, I get the extra geo planes above the surface as well.  Has anyone run into this issue?  I didn't really change any simulation settings on the flattank_sim from what the shelf tool set up.  I suppose it's possible the new narrow band settings are somehow breaking the flatten geometry tools?  I should test with the narrow band turned off maybe but I would hope that wouldn't break the setup.  I'm hoping someone else has seen this before and found a solution.







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Digging into the particle fluid surface node, I found that when the surface VDB was being converted to polygons, there were four small strips of geo at the bottom of the resulting mesh.  The conversion process was not just leaving the top surface geo.   Something to do with the surface mask going into convertvdb being slightly the wrong size perhaps?  If anyone does run into this, dropping the Regional Voxel Scale on the particlefluidsurface node from default 4 to 3 seems to have fixed it.  Caching the surface now so I'll check for bad frames when it's done.  Seems like it's maybe just some bad combination of particle separation, voxel size, and regional voxel scale causing the masking VDB to leave a little extra on the bottom edge when converting to polys.

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I have the same problem just using the ocean_flat_tank example from the master class.

I have put in a bigger collision object into the flip sim and also made the bounds of the sim bit larger.

Would be nice to exactly where this issue is comming from.




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