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I am trying to figure out how to create a custom shader in vex for creating a glass shader with refraction for bending light. Additionally, i am trying to create a shader for lava that uses one shader when the temperate or speed is above a certain threshold. Like when it is flowing fast it uses the liquid lava shader and then switches over to the solid lava shader when the speed slows down. How can i achieve these shaders? I have been having some issues with creating these.

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1. what do you mean by "a glass shader with refraction for bending light"? do you have any reference how should result look like?

2. with lava, there are more ways to achieve such effect. you have to tell something about the technical approach you want to take, what is your input data, post the results you managed to achieve (if possible) and ask the specific questions if you want to get specific answers. one way is to have a geometry attribute based on velocity or whatever you want and use that as a mask in a shader to blend solid lava and the liquid material.

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