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change asset parameter based on selection

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Hi all!

This is the first time I try to create an asset in Houdini. I am just wondering if there's a way to change the parameter on selected object.

I am currently changing the parameter for each object by using its iteration number, can I reference the attribute of a selected object and put that as the name of the parameter in the parameter interface?

This is what I have now: I have to create a parameter for each object in order to change them separately 



I want: (only one parameter but the name updates depends on which object i choose )


I have this attribute 'value' that is different for each object, and the values is the same as the iteration number 

I thought maybe I could add this value at the end of the name , so 'pebble'+'value' and that would give me the name of the currently selected object. However, I have no idea how to do this.


is this possible?

Thank you very much and sorry if this is confusing to understand !


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For just the four spheres I think it's better to simply create a switch and change it with a Ordered Menu type parameter. Similar to this




If you want to create an arbitrary number of spheres I suggest you take a look at the Draw Curve SOP, specifically in the Stroke -> Number of Strokes section of its Type Properties. It's an example of a MultiParm Block type of parameter.


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hi vtrvtr!thank you for your reply!

I am trying to create a little rocky ground generator, which the rocks will be proceudrally generated so the user can change different parameters, but i want the user to be able to change each rock as they wish after the rocks have been iterated (to be scattered on ground)

sort of like copy stamping and adding randomness to the attribute  so they all look different, but I don't want them to be random 

I think the MultiParm Block type is a way but if there's a lot of rocks I am not sure it will be very efficient as the user will have to find out which number is belonged to the rock 

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