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HQ server getting job ID


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Hi guys,

A quick question. Have scanned everything on google i could lay my hands on still couldn't figure out a way to get JOBID of a job submitted via hq_render node.

On clicking the Submit job button, it pops up a dialog box showing the job id. but how could we get that ID using python scripting, in short, where is that ID saved.

I though an environment variable called JOBID might be created but I could find it anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I don't think jobid is saved anywhere in a scene / node itself. I guess you need to query hqueue server for a jobs recently submitted with API:


Alternatively you could add some logic to  $HFS/python2.7lib/hqrop.py (or $HFS/houdini/soho/pythonx.x/HQRender.py maybe?) o retrieve jobid just sent.

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