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Problem with Grains Clumping and Attraction Weight


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I adjust the 'Clumping Weight' which I believe is the 'attraction weight'. However when I look into the geometry spreadsheet nothing is updated in the 'attractionweight' after I adjust it.

In my still image I created an attribute called 'attractionweightB' where I added it to the 'Weight'. Yet nothing is updated. You can see a comparison where there is many different values in the attraction weightB seen in the geometry spreed sheet, yet the original attraction weight stays at 1. 

But even if I were to set it to '0.6' for example. I still don't see that value in the Geometry spreadsheet.

Please help.


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 You're thinking about it sort of in the wrong way. You're setting 2 different "attraction weights" and trying to get the particles to pick it up. What you should do is bind the values to the attractionweight attribute that gets picked up in the solver, and have appropriate values for the clumpy areas. 

Here's your scene with what I mean.


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