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Pyro Temperature Field Banding


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Hi guys.

I'm trying to render a candle simulation using the temperature field, but my renders are getting noticeable colour banding. Looking at a cross section of the temperature field in the Pyro object node, there is clear banding. I'm wondering if there's a way to give this field better interpolation without changing the overall shape of the simulation?

I've attached a picture of the temp field and a render.




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What bunker recommended will work well.

To address why this is happening, I am guessing, is that you have a significantly high heat value around your source and the temperature dissipation is significantly high along with buoyancy. This means you have fast moving voxels in the Y value, carrying high values that will consistently devalue at each step. Solutions being to increase steps, add noise to your source fields with appropriate frequency enough to mess up this obvious banding.

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